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          Glass Ampoules

            Four-star Glass is a leading pharmaceutical glass company in the areas of specialty neutral borosilicate glass tubing and glass containers in China. With more than 25 years of outstanding development, materials and technology expertise we offer high-quality ampoules and vials that contribute to our customers’ success. We provide our customers with quality solutions while meeting their highest demands with our expertise and broad product; including ampoules and vials made of our own 5.0 neutral borosilicate glass tubes. Our state-of-the-art production facilities and our products comply with the highest international quality standards for pharmaceutical needs. The ampoules made by Four-star are available for Type B, C, D. i.e. OPC, CBR and SCO. . In addition, fine tip ampoule is also available.

            All Four-star ampoules of 1-30 ml are manufactured and packed in the areas controlled environmentally and certified by ISO 9001, which comply with USP,PH.Eur., and YBB standards of China. Any customized ampoules and special color rings are also available based on customer’s drawings. Recently Four-star has developed 40 ml ampoule, which is the first great capacity of ampoule in the world for customer use.

            We delivery ampoules with reliable performance.


        The quality guarantee conditions include:

            ◆ Production in GMP environment

            ◆ Statistical control on line

            ◆ 100 % inspection of key dimensions

            ◆ 100 % camera inspection of break systems (OPC, CBR, SCO)

            ◆ Quality level is according to ISO for Type B, C, D ampoules,in addition,upon customer’s requirement several color rings can be printed on the stem or body of the ampoules for special indication. Meanwhile the characters printing on the body are also available.

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        Address :Zhifangtou Industry Park in Cangzhou county
        Headquarter office:0317-4951188
        Sales Dept:0317-4052788
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